according to CBA rules will

in the absence of foreign aid Tongxi case with all Chinese classes still made  new balance 580 uk   this win, both sides will always tie it 1-1. In Tongxi will always tie 1-1 at the same time, Guangxi, Chongqing away win in overtime, has been ahead of the finals. In this case, if you want to qualify for this year Tongxi ascend to the CBA, we must ensure that the next game at home to beat the Shanxi

Finals. Because, according to the rules of the CBA, and only this year and qualify for the top three teams in the NBL get chance to participate in the selection liter CBA, and once lost Tongxi Shaanxi, according to CBA rules will not have 34 finals, while is the semi-finals two teams who were eliminated regular season ranked third will come good grades, since the team was eliminated in Guangxi, Chongqing team regular season  new balance 996 uk  ranked first, so once Tongxi Shaanxi team lost, he will fall fourth place, which means that no matter how good the results in their history, will be disqualified from this year promoted to the CBA. Three free throws in the lore of Shaanxi solution Libin went to midfield sky and shouts. 94:93! China Jiangsu Tongxi full squad defeated the Shaanxi team will always tie semifinal 1: 1. “Must rely on their own, we want to destiny in their own hands


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