sky and shouts. 94:93!

Three free throws in the lore of Shaanxi solution Libin went to midfield sky and shouts. 94:93! China Jiangsu Tongxi full squad defeated the Shaanxi team will always tie semifinal 1: 1. “Must  new balance 373 womens  rely on their own, we want to destiny in their own hands, nothing can stop our progress.” After the game, that regular-season championship Chongqing 0: 2 after being eliminated, Hu Wei right club manager said. Match, Tongxi four players in double figures, with 24 points and six rebounds Feng Yan, buy my blue 15 points and 13 rebounds, scored 12 points Song Jian Hua.

However, 14 seconds later, Shaanxi team foul again, and this time they turned their feet stumbled breakthrough Feng Xin. The game, Feng Yan is the team’s most tip of a knife,  new balance 999 uk he’s fast as lightning almost no way to break the opponent in the penalty area, such as unhindered, while Feng Yan Trey also has a high The hit rate. See the wonderful performance of his teammates, sitting under field team also told the brothers thumbs-up. BC revealed that during the game, Shaanxi team also repeatedly tripped him room to move


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